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Hi. I'm Tanay Tandon

Machine Learning researcher, Natural Language Processing developer, Biotech and AI enthusiast.
I love working on Computer Science research projects. Check out some of them below

Developed Clipped, Stanford AI lab researcher, Founder at Athelas, Stanford University Class of 2019 (Mathematics).

Read more about my work in these publications:

Research and Projects.

Links and descriptions of some projects


I founded Clipped in 2012 as a sophomore in High School. The project began when I wanted to find a way to quickly read files in debate class by extracting the most relevant points from evidence.

I wrote the Grammatical Pattern Analysis based algorithm for text-summarization, and launched the startup with an Android, iOS, and web application.

The machine learning research was published and earned a National scholarship from the U.S. Military at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Clipped has summarized 40 million articles to date, with 250k users. The research and product were also presented at the 2014 International CES (left). We've also raised a seed-round from investors for the technology. I wrote a paper about the research behind the algorithm. Read below.


YC Hacks Winner. YC interview.

Athelas is a lense attachment I built for smartphone cameras. Using machine learning and computer vision algorithms programmed for the backend, Athelas counts blood cells and edge-matches for malarial cell samples.

The technology and microscope attachment were built at the YCombinator Hackathon, winning 1st place with the award and a YC Interview.

I'm currently in the process of writing a paper regarding the machine-learning research, and am experimenting in a lab to validate the technology. and further develop it.

Short Answer Response assesment through Random Forest based ensembled decision trees and NLP feature engineering.

Stanford AI Lab Research.

Working in the Stanford AI lab as a machine learning researcher and developer intern, I worked on a set of algorithms for modeling natural language to predict a short essay response's grading score based on teacher based training data.

I went on to put together a paper regarding the research, which you can read in the Research Papers section (below) of the site.



August 2015 Google Science Fair International Finalist.

January 2015 Intel STS Finalist.

August - 2014: 1st Place YCombinator Hackathon Winner. YCombinator Interview. Athelas, Malaria diagnostics from a smartphone.

May - 2014: 1st Place Computer Science Project. Synopsys Science Fair. A machine learning model for autograding.

May - 2014: 1st Place Intelligent Systems Award. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics A machine learning model for autograding.

January - 2014: Appreneur Award. International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Las Vegas. Clipped - Automated Summarization through Machine Learning.

March - 2013: 1st Place Scholarship U.S. Military Best CS Research Paper JSHS Clipped - Automated Summarization through Machine Learning.

March - 2013: Intel Best Computer Science Research Project 1st place Clipped - Automated Summarization through Machine Learning.

March - 2013: Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Best Computer Science Research Project Clipped - Automated Summarization through Machine Learning.